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Re: [Condor-users] Querying Condor_Collector through webservice.. to get Schedd and Negotiator IPs

Johnson koil Raj wrote:
On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 08:04 -0500, Matthew Farrellee wrote:
Johnson koil Raj wrote:

  I need to Know how many Schedd and Submitter are in the pool and I
required their corresponding IPs and Ports.
  while Querying Condor_Collector through web service For the Particular
constraint is not giving any Output.In Collector Log It is saying 0
response to the Query.
CondorCollectorPortType port;

port.queryAnyAds("MyType == \"Submitter\"")
port.queryAnyAds("MyType == \"Negotiator\"")
port.queryAnyAds("TargetType == \"Job\"");
port.queryScheddAds("MyType == \"Scheduler\"")

but the following query code is Working fine it is correctly fetching
data from Collector (boolean related values working fine with collector)

port.queryScheddAds("HasSOAPInterface == TRUE")
port.queryAnyAds("Start == TRUE");

I have verified with command line.

CondorScheddPortType schedd;

schedd.getJobAds(null,"MyType == \"Job\"")

this query code is working fine and I am able to get all the outputs

Why the collector is not giving any data for that constraints.Please
help me out in this

thanks by
It's an unfortunate situation. The MyType and TargetType attributes on an ad are treated specially and are often invisible to constraints.

You can verify the issue by using condor_status -constraint 'MyType == "Scheduler"' etc

You can use the daemon specific query methods to get around the issue, e.g. queryScheddAds and condor_status -schedd -constraint



Hi matt,

  Thanks for Reply.. I verified but in JobClassAds.

  The condor_q -constraint 'Mytype == "JOB"' is giving the result
condor_status -schedd -constraint 'MyType = "Scheduler"' is not
giving any output. I think this is daemon specific query.

did you ask me to use some other constraint apart from MyType.


I'd suggest not using MyType/TargetType in constraints, and in the case of querying the Collector use the type specific query commands.