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[Condor-users] Condor Versions 7.0.5 and 6.8.9 Released

The Condor Team announces the release of Condor 7.0.5. This release contains many bug fixes and some improvements to error handling of Local Universe jobs. Note that some of the bug fixes are security-related; therefore, we recommend sites either upgrade Condor, or restrict permissions on who is allowed to submit Condor jobs to trusted users.

Bug fixes that are security related are clearly marked in the Bugs Fixed section of the Release Notes, with a description of the potential security impact. See the Release Notes for v7.0.5 online here:

The Condor Project believes in the full disclosure of information, and therefore publishes complete vulnerability details at URL:
However, in order to give an adequate upgrade window for production installations, we will delay posting the full vulnerability details fixed in this release for 30 days (until the week of November 3rd 2008).

Since some production sites are still using the v6.8 stable series, we took just the security bug fixes in v7.0.5 and back-ported them to v6.8; this effort has been released as version 6.8.9.

Binaries for both releases, as well as sources for v7.0.5, are available from our Downloads page at

Thank you for your interest and support for Condor!

 - The Condor Team