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Re: [Condor-users] DAGMan


I searched myself for the error and I think I found it. I would say there is
a bug in the dag-system.

Our machines are configured in the condor_config with the entry
because I don't want jobs to be started in these subnets.

As I posted earlier, when I submit the dag-job with this configuration, I
get the error 
  The Requirements attribute for job 10.0 did not evaluate. Unable to start

Now, when I add
to the condor_config.local on the submitting node everything works fine. Is
there a rigorouser limitation for the requirements in the dag-system? 
BTW, there is no probleam with the longer APPEND_REQUIREMENTS-setting when I
submit normal jobs.

Kind regards,
Thomas Bauer

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> Hi folks,
> I try to submit a DAG-Job from a Windows-System to a Windows-System.
> Unfortunately the DAG-jobs don't start. It says in the SchedLog:
> 10/14 12:07:45 The Requirements attribute for job 10.0 did 
> not evaluate.
> Unable to start job
> Does anybody know where I have to look for the problem? The 
> accordingly
> SUB-Files have the entry
> Requirements = (OpSys=="WINNT51"&&Arch=="INTEL")
> Kind regards,
> Thomas Bauer
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