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Re: [Condor-users] Running with different user on execute machines

Argh.  Please ignore this email... a quick check at the slot1 starter log would have shown me that it was trying to check credentials for (null)\myuser :|.

Thanks :)

Hello Condor Folks,

I have what's probably an easy question... or a silly question if it ain't possible.

I have a Windows Condor network that now requires all jobs to be run as a specific user.  This is not a dedicated Condor user.  From the manual, I came up with something like this:

UID_DOMAIN = mydomain
SLOT1_USER = myuser
SLOT2_USER = myuser
SLOT3_USER = myuser

on the execute machines, which have 3 slots each and where myuser is the user I want to run all execute machines to use to run incoming Condor jobs.
I've got a credentials daemon on a separate machine but can validate that myuser@mydomain has valid credentials from each execute machine.

As mentioned, this is not a dedicated Condor user, so I didn't include 'DEDICATED_EXECUTE_ACCOUNT_REGEXP' or anything, but as I understand in Windows, the starter creates a virtual desktop and would clean up after itself fine anyways.

The submitters have different user id's, but are all under the same domain.  So, optimally, it'd be cool if they could submit as their own user and then the job would go off and be executed as myuser.

So, anyways, after trying this and submitting a job directly to an execute machine that has this configuration, the 'condor_query -analyze' comes back stating that the particular execute machine 'reject my job because of their own requirements'.  Of course, if I take this SLOTx_USER stuff out, it works fine... I mean, it uses condor-reuse-slot1 user, but it gets sent to the appropriate machine and all (just showing that there's not some other reason for the rejection ;)).

Should this be all that I need?  Just confirmation that this works, or should work, from somebody would be nice :).
Is what I'm trying to do even allowed or is it just silly to think it possible?

Thanks much :),

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