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[Condor-users] How to find Java bin Path in different machines of condor

 I have a script that runs some computation and based on their results invoke a java program of mine.
For this, I have to set PATH variable to include the complete path to java's bin folder.
Now the question is, these machines in condor pool have different such path and I am trying to
figure out from within my script what that is. Here goes a simple script that I have written and submitted to condor
to find out java bin's path, but with no luck.


output=`which java`
echo $output

new_output=`ls -trl $output | awk '{ if($10 == "->"){print $11;} else print $9; }'`

new_output=`dirname $new_output`

echo "New : $new_output"

Now, in my machine when I run this script from command line, it shows the correct output that is /opt/current/java/bin .
But when I send this script off to condor, I only get

New :

Thats it. Any idea why the output of which java is not coming out? By the way, my condor submission script looks like this:

Universe = vanilla
Executable = java_path.sh
output = java-path.output
error = java-path.error
log = java-path.log
should_transfer_files = YES
transfer_input_files = java_path.sh
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
Requirements = (Disk >= 10) && (Memory >= 10) && (Arch == "X86_64") && (OpSys == "LINUX") && (HasJava == TRUE)
queue 1

Thanks in advance.
Tanzima Zerin Islam
Graduate Student
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Purdue University