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Re: [Condor-users] condor_cron

Condor's cron functionality doesn't currently let you run jobs are root.

You could get around this with some *well protected* and well placed setuid root executables.



Henning Fehrmann wrote:

I tried to setup a condor_cron job
which starts periodically every 5 seconds.

I get the every 5s:

10/29 14:59:11 ERROR: Attempt to initialize user_priv with root privileges rejected
10/29 14:59:11 set_user_egid() called when UserIds not inited!
10/29 14:59:11 set_user_euid() called when UserIds not inited!
10/29 14:59:11 Create_Process: child failed because PRIV_USER_FINAL process was still root before exec()
10/29 14:59:11 Cron: Error running job 'job1'

in the StartLog.

Do I have to give away the root privileges and how could this be done?

Henning Fehrmann
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