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Re: [Condor-users] How to combine SGE and Condor under the same submit system?

Why not use Condor for both? You can use Condor's Parallel Universe for your MPI jobs.



Atle Rudshaug wrote:

I want to combine a dedicated cluster and the office workstations into a grid like system. I want large mpi jobs to run on a Rocks cluster (which uses SGE) and smaller (mpi and non-mpi) jobs to run on available SMP workstations (using some technique for cycle scavenging with checkpointing and migration).

AFAIK Condor is better for cycle scavenging and checkpointing/migration. Is there a way to combine SGE (for the cluster mpi jobs) and Condor (for cycle scavenging on the workstations) under the same submit system (GridWay? Condor-G? Condor-C?)? Or can SGE be used for the workstation cycle scavenging, from the already up and running Rocks cluster, as well?

- Atle

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