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[Condor-users] Permissioned denied error accessing NFS volume.

Hello all.
I just added about 28 Intel Macs to our Condor Pool, that was formerly a mere 3 node linux cluster. I've got NFS set up, and things seemed to be fine at first. I was able to run test jobs with no problems using "should_transfer_files = YES" in my submit file. When I remove this, and just try and use the shared file system between all the nodes, the jobs refuse to run. I get this error from condor_q -analyze

Hold reason: Error from starter on slot4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to open '/opt/osg-shared/home/site/doherty/condor-tutorial/abi/pointless. 8.out' as standard output: Permission denied (errno 13)

I've checked that the condor_config value of UID_DOMAIN and FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN matches between the submit node and the worker nodes. NIS is enabled, and I can log into any node and access the files no problem. I thought perhaps that condor was trying to execute the jobs as user nobody, which is why I checked that the UID and FILESYSTEM domain values matched. The problem only shows up on the mac nodes, and they are configured identical to the linux nodes as far as I can tell.

Any thoughts?