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[Condor-users] VM Unviverse & Xen


I'm attempting to get one of my Xen Dom0's to be an execute node for
VM universe jobs, but it keeps coming up with "HasVM = FALSE" in it's
class ad.

StartLog shows:

4/16 10:35:12 (fd:6) (pid:12933) Warning: '/afs/csail.mit.edu/system/@sys/condor/latest-install/sbin/condor_vm-gahp -f -M 0 vmtype "xen"' did not produce any valid output.
4/16 10:35:12 (fd:6) (pid:12933) Test of vmgahp for VM_TYPE('"xen"') failed. So we disabled VM Universe

So trying to run the  command by hand (as root):

hive17:/opt/condor/log# /afs/csail.mit.edu/system/@sys/condor/latest-install/sbin/condor_vm-gahp -f -M 0 vmtype "xen"

ERROR: Please set environment variable 'VMGAHP_USER_UID=<uid>'

OK, so I set teh environment variable:

 VMGAHP_USER_UID=0 /afs/csail.mit.edu/system/@sys/condor/latest-install/sbin/condor_vm-gahp -f -M 0 vmtype "xen"

ERROR: Please set environment variable 'VMGAHP_USER_UID=<uid>'

$CondorVersion: 7.2.0 Dec 19 2008 BuildID: 121001 $
$CondorPlatform: X86_64-LINUX_RHEL5 $
These are the static binaries running on Debian "Lenny" 

My VM config bits in condor_config.local (showwing my attempt to
define VMGAHP_USER_ID there as well)

VM_TYPE = "xen"
VM_MEMORY = 31921
VM_GAHP_SERVER = $(SBIN)/condor_vm-gahp
VM_VERSION = xen3.2.1

XEN_SCRIPT = $(SBIN)/condor_vm_xen.sh
XEN_DEFAULT_KERNEL = vmlinuz-2.6.18-6-xen-amd64
XEN_BOOTLOADER = /usr/bin/pygrub
XEN_BRIDGE_SCRIPT = vif-bridge bridge=xenbr0

Any hints much appreciated