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[Condor-users] Antwort: Re: can jobs be executed while the condor submitter isturned off ?

Hi, Alex,
       Thank you so much!
        I also checked the condor workshop presentation, in it the job startup steps are  as follows:
1. Startd sends collector ClassAd describing itself.  (The Schedd does as well, but it has nothing interesting to say yet.)
2. The user calls condor_submit to submit a job.  The job is handed off to the schedd and condor_submit returns.
3. The schedd alerts the collector that it now has a job waiting.
4. The negotiator asks the collector for a list machines able to run jobs and schedd queues with waiting jobs.
5. The negotiator contacts the schedd to learn about the waiting job.
6. The negotiator matches the waiting job with the waiting machine.
7. The negotiator alerts the schedd and the startd that there is a match.
8. The schedd contacts the startd to claim the match.
9. The schedd starts a shadow to monitor the job.
10. The startd starts a starter to start the job.
11. The starter and the shadow contact each other.
11. The starter starts the job.
12. If the job is using the Condor syscall library (typically through being condor_compiled), it will contact the shadow to access necessary files.
      hmm....... So I think you are right, the whole condor system architecture is designed as the above, it is impossible to change. But I am not sure if there is any special design which is adapted to the submitter off?Also, for my work now ,I  need this kind of system which would allow the submitter unplug or shutdown, and the jobs work well, any ideas?
 Good Luck!

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Re: [Condor-users] can jobs be executed while the condor submitter        isturned off ?

No, In my experience the submitter needs to be online until the last jobs’ execution is completed. That is using the default configuration after installing condor in the execute node. Every time I tried either to shutdown or unplug the computer after submitting a set of jobs, the jobs go immediately into the hold state. The reason why I leave it to some more experienced condor user.
I hope this statement at helps a little in your quest of answers,
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[Condor-users] can jobs be executed while the condor submitter isturned off ?



        I have read the manual and the some presentations carefully, found that during the execution of job, the schedd daemon should watch the progress of executing machine. And for the jobs in the queue, the schedd daemon will maintain the persistent queue, contact the available machines and match the job with executing machines.
       does that mean if I submit several jobs in the queue, the submitter should keep online and contact with the central manager and the executing machine?

       Is that possible after submitting the jobs, the submitter could be shut down, and the central manager takes the response for the whole jobs?  Or are there any other kinds of software could achieve this target?
Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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