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[Condor-users] Can condor call a software(MTS) when running the job

       When condor executor runs the job, however I met one problem...
       The executor can run the batch file,first copy some files from the server to local machine, and then the batch file will call a MTS software(it is a simulation software),and I think the MTS works(I can check it from task manager), but problem is there is no output from the MTS, and the job never stops.
       If I stop the MTS manually from task manager, then the job will stop and teminated. I also check the batch file for condor  job, I can manually run the batch file well on the executor, which means the problem is between the condor and MTS....
       MTS has an interface with the user, when I run the batch file manually, I can see the interface, the output image and output datas, but when condor runs the job, I can see nothing(so maybe it runs in the background),except from the task manager.
       It is said the condor job is running at the background,and no interactive input and output, I am not sure for me if it is a problem, because I don't have to input anything, and the MTS will store the results automatically by itself, the condor just need to execute the batch file to call the MTS...
       I do not know why, Any ideas? Or where shall I start to look into? Thanks in advance!
       Best regards!