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Re: [Condor-users] Logging the prepare & exit hook script into condor logs

Johnson koil Raj wrote:
> Hi,
>     Is there is a way to log the prepare, update & exit hook scripts 
> outputs into condor_startd or condor_starter logs.
> thanks
> Johnson

If you have a look at src/condor_startd.V6/StartdHookMgr.cpp's FetchClient::hookExited() function, you'll see that any stderr from the fetch hook is logged at D_ALWAYS. However, stdout is not logged at any debug level.

If you look at src/condor_starter.V6.1/StarterHookMgr.cpp's different hookExited() functions, you'll see the prepare hook's stdout gets printed as an ad at D_FULLDEBUG and the exit hook's output isn't printed at all.

It would make sense to print m_std_out and m_std_err at the D_FULLDEBUG level for pretty much all hooks. You can do that from condor_daemon_core.V6/HookClient.cpp's hookExited.