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[Condor-users] SSL + windows


 I cannot run a job with SSL authentication from Windows to Linux.
It seems my problem is on the Windows´ side.

 What I succeed it to start the cluster (with 2 linux boxes) and
add the Windows box just to submit jobs. From the Windows I can
run condor_status and condor_q with success.

 However when I run condor_submit I have in the SchedLog on Windows

SetAttribute security violation: setting owner to "administrateur"
when active owner is "ssl"

 Here is my condor_config.local file:


AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CADIR = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\certificates
AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CAFILE = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\certificates\bc156d15.0
AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CERTFILE = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\hostcert.pem
AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_KEYFILE  = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\hostkey.pem
AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CADIR = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\certificates
AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CAFILE = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\certificates\bc156d15.0
AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CERTFILE = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\hostcert.pem
AUTH_SSL_SERVER_KEYFILE  = C:\Documents and Settings\administrateur.CDR\.globus\hostkey.pem

I have seen that each file should be put twice, one as client, one as
server. Did I forget something ? If someone has an example of
condor_config file for the Windows client and Linux master, I
would appreciate.