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[Condor-users] nested dags and splices

Dear All,

I have the following situation;

P1: Program 1 runs and produces n files;
P2: Program 2 is then executed for each individual file and produces output for them; P3: Program 3 sums the outputs of all P2 executions (therefore depends on all P2 executions);

I tried with nested dags and I'm checking now splices. With nested dags (for step P2) I noticed that the file (the nested one - P2 in this case) must be already written, but in my case it's going to be written only after P1 completes (n is not known until the end of P1). As far as I understand, splices work the same way, where the complete flow must be fully defined at start.

Is there any other way or additional tool where I could dynamically configure my workflow?

Thanks in advance,