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[Condor-users] Condor Pool Windows Executors Integration with Globus


I'm trying to integrate a Condor v7.1.3 pool with Globus Toolkit v4.2.1.
The Condor Pool Central Manager is based on Linux and the executors nodes are Windows machines. The services of Globus are installed on the same Linux machine as the Condor Central Manager.
I'm having problems because the jobs submitted from that linux machine are not transferred to the executors in Windows getting stopped in the queue indefinitely.
In the documentation of the Condor V7.1.3 is mentioned a limitation of Condor-G: "Limited platform availability. Windows support is not yet available.". What does this really mean? Does it mean that you can not use Windows machines any way, or it means that the submitter node can not be Windows (as I first understood)?
Could someone help me clarify this?
If you can integrate Globus and Condor with Windows executor nodes (central manager and submitter on linux machine), what are the step-by-step procedures to configure the servers (central, submitter and executors) and to configure a submit description file to run jobs  in such environment?

Thanks, Klaus

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