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Re: [Condor-users] Condor preparation: monitor pool's idleness first. How?

No obvious suggestion, but a comment...

We run one of our pools just on people's desktops. During office hours I nearly always see about 40% available for Condor use; and, of course, out of hours that figure shoots up to 90%. Condor jobs that take 1 or 2 hours typically get through during the day.

Not sure if this would apply to your pool, and you are right to want to measure it.


Rob wrote:

I have plans to introduce and setup a condor pool in our
university library. This requires writing some proposal,
estimating eventual results etc. in order to convince the
library IT management to go for this.

It is very difficult to estimate how often and how long the
different PCs in the library would be idle, so that condor
can use them.

Before going for the full condor stuff, I would like to first
measure the idle times of a pool of PCs. With this data,
it is then easier to make some kind of prediction how
useful condor could be.

All these PCs in the pool will be running Windows XP
(or, maybe, Vista).

Does somebody have a good suggestion how I could do
this idleness measurement?


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