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[Condor-users] Condor-G + Globus proxy delegation problem ( Unknown CA )

Hi all,

I am testing the Condor+Globus integration prior to move forward with more complex runs.
I have installed Condor V7.1.3 and Globus v4.2.1 on the same Linux machine.

I have submitted the following job using Condor-G

        Universe   = grid
        grid_resource = gt4 pc222771 CONDOR
        # resolver o problema do requisito:
        # "( TARGET.FileSystemDomain == MY.FileSystemDomain )"
        should_transfer_files = YES
        # when_to_transfer_files é requerido quando "should_transfer_files = YES"
        when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
        Executable = /bin/date
        transfer_executable = false
        Log        = simple-globus-date.log
        Output     = simple-globus-date.out
        Error      = simple-globus-date.err

This job stays in the queue with status Hold and the reason is

000 (1625.000.000) 02/18 08:48:36 Job submitted from host: <>
012 (1625.000.000) 02/18 08:48:54 Job was held.
        Failed to create proxy delegation
        Code 0 Subcode 0

The Condor Gridmanagerlog log file has some messages:

2/18 08:48:49 [4098] GAHP[4100] (stderr) -> org.globus.common.ChainedIOException: Authentication failed [Caused by: Failure unspecified at GSS-API level [Caused by: Unknown CA]]

The Globus container.log has the following messages at the end:

2009-02-18T08:48:49.086-03:00 ERROR container.GSIServiceThread [ServiceThread-65,process:142] [JWSCORE-192] Error processing requestConnection reset by peer
2009-02-18T08:48:51.594-03:00 ERROR container.GSIServiceThread [ServiceThread-58,process:142] [JWSCORE-192] Error processing requestConnection reset by peer

Some aditional informations are as follow:

(as me)
pcd10238@pc222771:/home/pcd/10238/SD/_Globus-test/00-Simple-globus-date/02> grid-proxy-info
subject  : /O=Grid/OU=GlobusTest/OU=simpleCA-pc222771.corp.ad.emb/OU=corp.ad.emb/CN=Klaus Schwarzmeier/CN=765511421
issuer   : /O=Grid/OU=GlobusTest/OU=simpleCA-pc222771.corp.ad.emb/OU=corp.ad.emb/CN=Klaus Schwarzmeier
identity : /O=Grid/OU=GlobusTest/OU=simpleCA-pc222771.corp.ad.emb/OU=corp.ad.emb/CN=Klaus Schwarzmeier
type     : Proxy draft (pre-RFC) compliant impersonation proxy
strength : 1024 bits
path     : /tmp/x509up_u10238
timeleft : 8:13:41

(as root)
pc222771:~ # grid-default-ca
The available CA configurations installed on this host are:

Directory: /sandbox/globus/latest/share/certificates

1) 7a6f0f62 -  /O=Grid/OU=GlobusTest/OU=simpleCA-pc222771.corp.ad.emb/CN=Globus Simple CA

The default CA is: /O=Grid/OU=GlobusTest/OU=simpleCA-pc222771.corp.ad.emb/CN=Globus Simple CA
         Location: /sandbox/globus/latest/share/certificates/7a6f0f62.0

Enter the index number of the CA to set as the default [q to quit]:1

setting the default CA to: /O=Grid/OU=GlobusTest/OU=simpleCA-pc222771.corp.ad.emb/CN=Globus Simple CA

linking /sandbox/globus/latest/share/certificates/grid-security.conf.7a6f0f62 to

linking /sandbox/globus/latest/share/certificates/globus-host-ssl.conf.7a6f0f62 to

linking /sandbox/globus/latest/share/certificates/globus-user-ssl.conf.7a6f0f62 to


pc222771:~ #

How could I fix that problem?
I am attaching all the mentioned file in a zip file.

Thanks, Klaus

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