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[Condor-users] Vanilla => Vmware hook for the job router.

Hi all,

I have posted the a first version of a vanilla->vmware hook
at ftp://ftp.cs.wisc.edu/condor/vanilla2vmware-plugin/

This has been tested to work on condor 7.2

I have included documentation on how to use the hook at the above URI.

Based on the job-router configuration, the job router selects a
vanilla universe job and hands it over to the hook. The hook gathers
all dependencies of the job and bundles them into a vmware hard-disk
file (containing a fat32 partition). This hard disk is attached to a
pre-configured virtual machine, and the virtual machine is submitted
as a vmware job. An instance of personal condor inside the virtual
machine runs the job, and once the job is complete, the virtual machine
shuts down. The hook then picks up the original job's outputs from the
snapshot disk for the virtual machine and places them in the appropriate

This current version does have some limitations, like it doesn't
handle the case of the job going held inside the vm. But, it's a
work in progress.

If anyone is interested in the hook and its evolution, please
feel free to fiddle with it and let me know your feedback/comments/questions.