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[Condor-users] How can I prevent condor_status to provide info on the pool PCs?


I'm in the initial stages of designing a condor pool of public library PCs.
There will be one central manager (Fedora/Linux), and only Windows PCs in the pool.

I want to use the public PCs just for executing jobs; nothing more, nothing less.

Therefore, I don't want users on pool PCs to be able to get info of other pool PCs
by using the condor_status command. How can I prevent this?

On the central manager, I use the macros HOSTALLOW_READ and HOSTALLOW_WRITE
in the local configuration file. I expected that:


would work; $(FULL_HOSTNAME) refers to the hostname of/on the central manager,
so that only the central manager can get that information.
However, this does not work ?!?! Pool PCs still get the full info on the Condor pool!

Any other ideas?