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Re: [Condor-users] How can I prevent condor_status to provide infoonthe pool PCs?

>>Ian Chesal wrote:
>> Don't put condor_status on the machines. You'll want it to be
>> from a network location for debugging purposes but you don't need to
>> putit on the machines running jobs.
> This is a rather insecure solution. An evil person at a public library
> may reinstall the condor_status executable and query the pool of
> I was looking for a solution, which configures the central manager
> such that it permits condor status queries *ONLY* to by the central
> manager itself. I thought the HOSTALLOW_READ macro in the central
> manager's config file would control this; but that does not seem to
> work.
> Hence, is there then no way to configure the central manager in such
> a way that it does not give the full pool information to all the pool
> PCs?

Are you certain your change took effect? Technically setting
HOSTALLOW_READ as you did on *just* the central manger should work. You
could try the collector-specific:


IIRC you need a condor_restart for that to take effect.

- Ian

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