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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 7.2.1 Released!

> Rob wrote:
> > A bug in the Windows msi installation package has regressed into
> > version 7.2.1:

> Hi Rob,
> This may just be a bug in our manual. Try adding the missing R:
>                  ^
> We'll fix the typo in the manual.
> Let us know if it's still not working after fixing the spelling.

Yes, it's the typo in the manual; I used cut&paste to create the
batch file. Sorry for my blindness not seeing the missing R.
Thanks for pointing this out to me!

Moreover, in that section of the manual where the batch file
is listed: "USEVMUNIVERSE" appears twice in the list, somewhere
in the middle and at the end.
I suppose this is also a typo in the manual.