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Re: [Condor-users] How to specify no of machines for a Globus/condor-G job

First--change universe=globus to universe = grid
and globusscheduler=....
GridResource= gt2 hostname/jobmanager-pbs

then put in
globusrsl = (jobtype=multiple)(xcount=3)

The details of which classad attributes get sent
to Grid Universe jobs and which don't are in the Grid Universe
section of the condor manual.

Note--the implementations of jobmanager-pbs vary some from
grid to grid but the syntax I gave should be good
for OSG or Teragrid for sure.

Steve Timm

On Mon, 23 Feb 2009, Samir Khanal wrote:

Hi List

I have a condor job submission file
as following

executable = test
Transfer_Executable = true
globusscheduler = protos.xx.xxx.xxx/jobmanager-pbs
machine_count = 3
universe = globus
output = test.out
log = date.log

WARNING: the line `machine_count = 3' was unused by condor_submit. Is it a typo?

This works fairly well and prints 1 hostname.

I want this to run on multiple nodes,
How do i specify machine count in a globus environment?

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