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[Condor-users] python soap issue

Dear All,

I'm using the SOAP interface to remotely control my condor jobs. I tried following this reference:


I tried to follow the "NewCluster() -> NewJob() -> Submit() -> NewJob() -> Submit()" cycle. The detail is that a have a "createJobTemplate" before "submit". With only one job, I can submit just fine. If I try to execute "createJobTemplate" again after a previous "submit", I receive:

ZSI.EvaluateException: Element "_jobAd" missing from complexType
[Element trace: /SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/condor:createJobTemplateResponse/response]

What's interesting is that the REQUESTs are the same (changing only IDs). Can anyone give a hint to what I'm missing here? Should I only change parameters in the classAd object and submit again? I also tried do re-use the jobAd object with a new job, but no luck.

Thanks a lot,