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Re: [Condor-users] help: error with condor_master start

On Friday 16 January 2009, Nick LeRoy wrote:
> On Friday 16 January 2009, he lin wrote:
> > hi, I certainly separate the pair using the grammar, the problem exists,
> > the pair can also be generated by the default condor user, but seems
> > condor doesn't go
> > ahead read the passwd file at all.
> Just to be clear...  You're running Condor as root, right?  And, then when
> you do a 'ps' you see it running as a different user than you expect?  Or,
> does it give an error message upon starting?  Try running 'condor_master -t
> -f' and posting the output here.  Perhaps set 'MASTER_DEBUG = ALL_DEBUG'
> before running the above -- mind you, you certainly don't want to leave it
> like that in production!

Ooops, it was just pointed out to me that ALL_DEBUG was a mis-type on my 
part - I think that I need more caffeine.  That should be 'MASTER_DEBUG = 
D_ALL'.  Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!


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