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[Condor-users] Problem with Java job submission using initialdir and jars

We're running Condor 7.2 on Red Hat 5.2.  It seems that condor gets confused when it is presented with an executable jar, an entry in jar_files, and an initialdir.  Here's an example submit file that demonstrates the problem.
## Begin submit file ##
universe = java
executable = CondorTest.jar
jar_files = ../CondorTest.jar
arguments = Main
output = condor.out$(PROCESS)
error = condor.err$(PROCESS)
log = condor.log
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
initialdir = out1
initialdir = out2
## End submit file ##
The idea is just to get all of the output files to go into out1 or out2, respectively.  I know this can be done with output_remaps, but this is a proof-of-concept for a larger project.  Originally, out1 and out2 are both empty, and CondorTest.jar, submit.cmd, out1, and out2 all reside in the same directory.
In the condor manual, it says that the "initialdir" command does not affect the executable path, and that the path to the executable should be relative to the submit file.  The path to jar_files should be indicated with respect to initialdir.  That's how this was written.  When we do a condor_submit (executed from the directory that contains the submit file), we get
ERROR: Can't open "/home/jhs/condorJobs/CondorTest/out1/CondorTest.jar" with flags 00 (No such file or directory)
This indicates that it's actually looking inside initialdir for the jar.  OK, I replace the executable and jar_files lines with
executable = ../CondorTest.jar
jar_files = ../CondorTest.jar
and we get
ERROR: failed to transfer executable file ../CondorMemoryTest.jar
I change the lines to
executable = CondorTest.jar
jar_files = CondorTest.jar
and we are back to the first error - ERROR: Can't open "/home/jhs/condorJobs/CondorTest/out1/CondorTest.jar" with flags 00 (No such file or directory)
I am able to get the first submit file to work if I copy the jar to both the parent directory, and to both out1 and out2, but this shouldn't be necessary.  

This seems to be a bug to me.  Has anyone else experienced this problem, or are aware of a solution?


Josh Shrader