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Re: [Condor-users] New to Condor, Need to RUN MPI

Samir Khanal wrote:
I tried Parallel Universe too, here is what i get
running /home/skhanal/condor/bones on 2 LINUX ch_p4 processors
Created /var/opt/condor/execute/dir_5352/PILxVizf5531
Host compute-0-0 is not in contact file /var/opt/condor/execute/dir_5352/contact
p0_5556:  p4_error: Child process exited while making connection to remote process on compute-0-0: 0
p0_5556: (2.003906) net_send: could not write to fd=4, errno = 32

The job does not complete successfully with above messages.

Help ! Help!

Why did you feel compelled to hack the sample mp1script included with Condor? Are you trying to use mpich? If so, just set the path correctly (to MPDIR) in the sample script where the comment says so; no other changes should be needed.

Your customizations to the sample mp1script look very suspect to me.