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Re: [Condor-users] How to 'dynamically' set the VM_MEMORY macro?

Rob wrote:
> Matthew Farrellee wrote:
>> There are a few things here. First, we could probably make VM_MEMORY
>> default to a more sane value of the detected amount of memory on the
>> system. Additionally, the VM_MEMORY macro could (should!?) be changed to
>> allow it to be an expression. Third, your last thought is actually a
>> very good one. There are some other cases where having access to
>> detected resources are beneficial.
>> Interested/able to lend some effort to these changes?
> Oh, I'm pleased; I desperately was trying to find out whether I had
> missed something in the manual or otherwise, to set VM_MEMORY.
> Hmm, sure; but how can I help with these changes?
> I haven't compiled Condor myself (I rely on precompiled versions from
> the Condor home page).
> I'd be happy to help, if I could!
> Rob.

I'd suggest grabbing a copy of the source and building it yourself. If
you have trouble Nick had a tutorial on building the source at Condor
Week a couple years ago, and I'm sure multiple people will be happy to
give advice on this list, or condor-devel.

The tutorial even comes with a video...