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[Condor-users] Can I tell Condor to reset its stats at reboot?


I have installed Condor on public library PCs.
These PCs have the BIOS configured such that they
always boot the system in exactly same state
(changes made in a previous session are always lost).

In VMware language, it's called "non-persistent" hard disk.

Of course, at any moment in time, the superuser/administrator
of the library can install new software and fixate this into the
hard disk for future reboots.

Now, when such a PC boots and fires up Condor, the
Condor statistics starts incorrectly, as it uses the stats
data from the moment the harddisk was fixated.

Instead I wished I could tell Condor at boot to zero its
statistics and start registering its stats from scratch.

Is there a way to do this?

zero doesn't do that, or does it?