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Re: [Condor-users] Compiling Octave on Condor


We have had some success using older versions of Octave. In the end we had to compile most of the libraries ourselves and link the .o files into the build lines directly.

What libraries does the build complain about and can you disable them?

On 20 Jul 2009, at 21:39, Fisette, Christian wrote:

I'm currently helping a team of economists by setting up a Condor cluster for Matlab computation. As their algorithms can run for several days or even weeks, using the Condor standard universe with checkpoints would be a real boon for us. As I understand, supporting the std universe require a compilation of the code and linking the condor library.
Fortunately there is a open source matlab alternative (Octave) that we can use for that. However, getting the source code to compile with Condor is pretty tricky. We can’t get pass the « condor_compile make » step which complain about missing libraries. I’ve seen on the condor users mailing list archive that the condor team were in the process of getting the Octave v.3 to compile correctly. has anybody had any success with it ? Any hint on the correct procedure would be really helpful to us.  Thank you for your help,
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