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Re: [Condor-users] ERROR "Parse error in the input string" at line 301 in file attrlist.cpp

Can you provide the prepare hook (or an equivalent) you're running? What does the StarterLog show if you add:


to condor_config.local and then run the job/hook sequence again?

I am able to run a job with a prepare_hook of:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

exit 0;

And there's no problems. Does your prepare hook have any print statements? Possibly in error cases?


Johnson koil Raj wrote:
The hook_prepare_job seems to have exited successfully but the starter is not proceeding further
due to the following ERROR:

 "Parse error in the input string".

 I did not add any new classAds through prepare hook. I

The starter.slot1.1 log shows.
7/6 18:42:23 HOOK_PREPARE_JOB (/opt/condor-7.2.0/sbin/ccp_hook_prepare_job.pl) invoked.
7/6 18:42:24 DaemonCore: No more children processes to reap.
7/6 18:42:24 HookClient /opt/condor-7.2.0/sbin/ccp_hook_prepare_job.pl (pid 3569) exited with status 0 7/6 18:42:24 ERROR "Parse error in the input string" at line 301 in file attrlist.cpp
7/6 18:42:24 ShutdownFast all jobs.
7/6 18:42:24 Got ShutdownFast when no jobs running.


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