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[Condor-users] Unable to process machine ClassAds

Hi there.

I'm trying to get some stuff set up with a Condor grid. I have a central manager which is also a compute host, with 4*x86_64 cores. I also have two 32-bit slots on a 32 bit SMP system, and two 32 slots on a virtualized (Pools of Virtual Boxes) install.

I have all systems showing in the condor_status output.

I'm running into problems when trying to dispatch test jobs (from examples/) to the pool. 64-bit jobs have run with success in the past, but 32 bit jobs are not dispatching. I'm pretty sure I am running into conflicts with the ClassAd requirements, but I can't view the classad that is generated by the examples/submit script. Running condor_q -analyze shows the jobs and the host from which they originated, but all are idle.

It shows that machines were rejected by my job requirements, but I get "Unable to process machine ClassAds" in that output, so I can't verify what it is requesting.

Anyone encountered this error before?


Nilson Cain
University of Alabama        Office of Information Technology, Research
nilson@xxxxxxxxx             (205) 292-5231