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[Condor-users] Condor-C: Some way to throttle max number of running jobs

At the submitter side, how to pose a limit on the allowable running jobs for those submitted via Condor-C to a remote schedd (or target/server schedd so to speak)? The remote Condor system would have MAX_RUNNING_JOBS defined but apparently the submitter does not have a direct control over the value. But if such a control is possible, it is not to abuse the remote system (not possible anyway) but, rather, to voluntarily reduce the number of running jobs to a value lower than MAX_RUNNING_JOBS defined on the remote side.

So, in other words, I am looking for configuration like REMOTE_MAX_RUNNING_JOBS for Condor-C. This is analogical to a configuration for Condor-G:


If there's such control for Condor-G, I would envision Condor-C should have a couterpart as well. But I couldn't find it in Condor manual ...

Thank you,