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Re: [Condor-users] Concurrency limit usage/modification and alternatives

Manikanta wrote:
> Hi All,
> I need some info on the concurrency limit feature.
> In our present structure, a group of people use a set of VM's and
> these sets are independent of each other group and the groups have
> different license limits( ABC_LIMIT) parameter for each license set
> which depends on the group requirements.
> Now whenever we change the limits we need to do a reconfig which is a
> frequent process depending on group requirements. We are presently
> limiting them like all the changes will be applied only once a day.
> I want to know is there any other process by which I can add/modify
> limits without a reconfig. Can I provide LIMITS in any other
> mechanism as the parameters in local config file are increasing  more
> and more.
> Thanks & Regards, Manikanta

Limits need only be configured on the Negotiator. To change them you
must reconfigure the Negotiator. Is this proving to be expensive for
some reason?

As for the increasing, can you describe that some? Are there just too
many LIMIT_X, LIMIT_Y lines? Are you seeing some sort of structure
emerging that might help simplify the configuration of limits?