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Re: [Condor-users] gui based app/user interface apps..

There is a sample javascript web front-end floating around, but you should
be able to re-create it with little trouble using Condor's SOAP interface.
Just take a glance at the manual, all the SOAP information is in there.


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hi list...

sorry to post here, but i figured you might be able to help...

i'm working on a project, that deals with building a crawler, and i'm
working out the details for the mgmt app for the crawler. i'm currently
looking at how to deal with the status/actions of the crawler, and how the
different components of what i call a job would be compiled, and reported
back to the batabase.

i'm wondering.. is there a good gui/web based UI app for managing Condor
that I could look at for ideas/thoughts. Or, is there anyone on this list
that i might be able to email with, talk to about this.. while i've got a
few ideas, never hurts to be able to talk/share thoughts with others..

thanks much!

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