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Re: [Condor-users] slot preparation missing custom machine ad

Johnson koil Raj wrote:

I am using dynamic slot features. I added a custom machine ad through SLOTx_STARTD_ATTRS. It was visible by condor_status.

But when I specify a Job Requirements based on that I matched with particular machine but not able to run the job saying

    slot2.1: Job requirements not satisfied

I enabled D_MACHINE flag to startd and check difference between the machine Ads given by condor_status and machine Ads from the StartLog file. It clearly specifies the custom classAd is not present in Ads from the StartLog file.

condor version 7.2.3 , Rhel5


Odd. We will attempt to reproduce the problem here.... In the meantime could you post the relevant lines from your condor_config file and your job's submit file?