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Re: [Condor-users] Problem transferring files to initialdir?


In order to help, can you post your submit file? The scheduler, shadow and starter logs for one of the cluster.processes that you're running may eventually be necessary.


On Jun 24, 2009, at 1:50 PM, Jason Brown wrote:

Dear Condor Community,
This is my first post, so please bear with me!

I have a question regarding a behavior of condor that is puzzling me. I have Condor on a single standalone Windows machine as both server and client.  I am trying to run a job that goes great and seems to produce all the outputs (in C:\execute\dirWXYZ). When I look at my "initialdir" directory (C:\study\output) I have about 80% of the output files in there.

From watching this thing run 6 times in a row, here is what I think is happening:

* My job runs successfully, producing outputs that are 3450 CSV files

* I can tell my job ends because the last part of the script deletes XML files; they are gone from C:\execute\dirWXYZ

* Condor, I think, starts to move these CSVs over to C:\study

* It gets through about 80% of them and apparently has an error

* Condor re-runs the job from the start due to the error

 So I am trying to debug this an hoping someone might have seen a similar behavior or know a fix. There are lots of files, but the size comes to only 5-7MB. I found a post online about output files in the 2GB range causing problems, but nothing else obviously relevant.

Thanks in advance,


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