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[Condor-users] Network Problem

I am trying to setup condor on opensuse 11.1 by using the debian 5 binaries of Condor.
Seems to work fine except for one thing:

When looking into the collector log the address used is not the address I would like to be used.

stats: Inserting new hashent for 'Negotiator' : 'allmerlab1.iyte' : '' I wanted the address or to be used (the server has two adapters).

Therefore, I seem to get Permission denied in the following lines of that file. Clearly, I cannot submit from other machines to this intended to be central manager.

I did find some information on this here and there:
e.g. setting

I put these lines into both, the condor_config and the condor_config.local which didn't change a thing.

How can I solve this problem e.g. what do I have to write into /etc/hosts (I tried a few things but whatever I changed broke it more).