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Re: [Condor-users] Queueing ssh sessions?

Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
Hi All,

Has anyone hacked up a condor aware ssh (or ssh wrapper)?  Google
seems to say no, but it's Monday morning so I may not be up to full
speed yet...

What I'd like to do is beable to queue interactive sessions and use
class ads so that the connection goes to an idle node of the proper

I thought I'd mention for posterity for folks searching the archive later:

For just the above, the tool "condor_findhost" is what you want to use in a ssh wrapper to find idle nodes that meet certain characteristics. See in the Condor Manual

and also invokes concurrency_limits.

If this doesn't exist, is there a way to manipulate concurrency limits
from the command line?

For adding in concurrency limits and queuing, probably doing something like what Ian suggested is best. I.e., essentially submit a job that consists of an xterm or some such that pops open an interactive session w/ whatever concurrency limits required.


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