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Re: [Condor-users] WANT_SUSPEND and SUSPEND

Thanks Jason and Mat. That was helpful. I do have a slightly related follow-up question, but I'll post it in a new thread anyways..


Jason Stowe wrote:
1. When does the WANT_SUSPEND expression evaluated by startd?
WANT_SUSPEND is evaluated periodically by the startd (see
POLLING_INTERVAL) in the "Claimed Busy" State/Activity or the "Claimed
Retiring" State/Activity, to determine whether to SUSPEND or not.

2. Suppose WANT_SUSPEND evaluates to TRUE and SUSPEND gets evaluated
FALSE. What happens then?
The job isn't suspended, and continues in either the "Busy" or
"Retiring" States.

Also what is the true need to have two SUSPEND expressions? Wouldn't
just one expression suffice?
The WANT_SUSPEND determines whether or not the SUSPEND expression is
evaluated. For example, in some cases you might want to move right to
PREEMPT. The SUSPEND expression determines whether or not the job
should be suspended.

Good luck, I hope this helps!

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