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[Condor-users] Max. amount of Jobs in queue

Hey Condor Users,

Condor is set up in a Pool of 5 Windows Machines(Intel Dual Cores). So far it works fine and first test runs were successful. 
Our goal is to run a simulation and an analysis with 150000 input files. The Submisson took a while, but it worked. So we let the Condorpool do its work over the night and its still running. So we have some concerns about the maximuam amout of jobs in the scheduler of the central manager. Are there any known restrictions or limits?
As I havent used the requeriement statement in the submit file ,  it seems that the order the jobs are executed happends randomly. Can I influnce this behavoir in any way?
I would like to have a first in first out principe.   

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Max Raith