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[Condor-users] About condor_status

Greeting to all,
I have tried install the condor-7.2.4-rhel5-x86-dynamic.tar.gz in Fedora 8 .I run condor_master ,condor_q and "ps -aux | grep cndor" is okey! But when I tried to run  condor_status,this message as fllowing:
[condor@localhost condor-7.2.4]$ condor_status

[condor@localhost condor-7.2.4]$ condor_q
There should be my own computer's information. Why there is nothing?
Thanks for your time and input in advance!

Zhu Shouqin
Postgraduate.student of CS Dept.
Network Computing Center
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Chongqing China 400065