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Re: [Condor-users] exclude nodes via the condor_config?

> We have some nodes in our compute cluster that have been out of commission
> for a while so have old versions of software and databases on them and
> I'm concerned that when I turn them back on, they'll start advertising
> for jobs and running them.
> Is there a simple way to (in the master or submit CONDOR_CONFIG) to
> prevent them joining the pool?

If you have machine-specific config files, you could per-bad machine, do:

        START = False

Then they won't run jobs.

But if you only have one global config file that all machines use you need to write a more complicated START expression. Lets say your machine has the attribute:

        Machine = badbox.mydomain.com

I could say in my global START expression:

        START = Machine != "badbox.mydomain.com"

Now START = True for machines where Machine isn't "badbox.mydomain.com" and it's false for the bad machine. More than one machine? Chain them together with && clauses.

- Ian

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