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Re: [Condor-users] running commands when jobs start and stop

Jeff Strunk wrote:
> Since Condor 7.2 isn't ready to put our computers to sleep yet, we are 
> using sleepd. sleepd can be prevented from making a computer sleep by 
> running the command 'sleepctl off'. I wrote a wrapper in bash for that 
> and set HOOK_PREPARE_JOB to run it. I did the same thing for 
> HOOK_JOB_EXIT to enable sleeping.
> I noticed that HOOK_PREPARE_JOB gets run when condor starts up and when 
> a job is about to run. This make our computers never sleep. Is there a 
> better hook or a way to make this hook only run when a job is starting?
> Since this hook gets the classad as stdin, I tried adding the following 
> to my wrapper to prevent it from running when no job is about to run.
> if ( [ ! -t 0 ] && ( cat - | grep -i mytype | grep -i job > /dev/null ))
> This should only succeed if STDIN has a line like:
> MyType = "Job"
> Unfortunately, my test systems say that sleeping is disabled after 
> condor is restarted.
> Any suggestions?
> Jeff

Hate to resurrect an old old post, but the PREPARE hook should not be run at startup at all.

If you can demonstrate that it is I'll see what can be done to fix it.