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[Condor-users] about different dagman jobs problem

     I am using DAGMan to submit specific order jobs, I submit 2 different dagman jobs to same executor PC(I have only one executor) :

JOB testA testA.sub
JOB testB testB.sub
JOB testC testC.sub
PARENT testA testB CHILD testC

JOB testD testD.sub
JOB testE testE.sub
JOB testF testF.sub
PARENT testD testE CHILD testF

But the result is: the executor will always execute testA,testB,testD,testE,and then testC,testF, it is not what I want. I need condor first finish dag1,then dag2,not like first all parent jobs testA,testB,testD,testE, then child jobs testC,testF, does anyone have this kind of problem? How can I solve this problem?
Thank you in advance!