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[Condor-users] lamscript error

Dear Condor users,

I tried to use condor 7.2.4 X86_64-LINUX_DEBIAN50 for checking the parallel universe running using lamscript. I get following error message:

The boot SSI rsh module found that your local host is not in the
hostfile "machines".

The local host name *must* be in the list of hosts in the hostfile.
In other words, you must boot LAM from a node that will be part of the

        - If you simply forgot to put the local host in the boot
          schema file, add it and re-run The boot SSI rsh module
        - If you are trying to boot LAM from a node that will not be
          part of the universe, you must login to on of the nodes that
          will be part of the universe (i.e., one of the nodes in the
          hostfiles), and re-run The boot SSI rsh module

Although the local host name is usually the first in the list to avoid
I/O ambiguities, it can actually appear anywhere in the list.

Attaching herewith the the lamscript file which I modified and use.

It would be very nice if someone shares his/her lamscript file and tips to run parallel universe on condor!

Thanking you,


P.S. - lam installed in /usr/local/bin in bash shell. Also given the path to this folder.

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