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Re: [Condor-users] Is it possible to install Condor without root on an NFS mounted /home/dawn/ directory shared by all executing nodes?

Another question, the cluster I want to install condor didn't config any domain/DNS although all the nodes share same /etc/passwd and /etc/group, so I have to levae UID_DOMAIN to blank which is required to start Condor.
How do I overcome this problem?

2009/10/10 dawnsong <dawnsong.tsinghua@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Condor experts,

I wonder if it is possible to install Condor without root on an NFS mounted  /home/dawn/ directory shared by all executing nodes.

The cluster I could use is a central manager plus some job-executing nodes. All the machines share a NFS home directory. I extracted Condor under my user directory /home/dawn/software/x86_64. So all the nodes share a same Condor executable programs.

After run condor_install (./condor_install --local-dir=/home/dawn/var/condor/`uname -m`/`uname -n`/ --type=manager,submit) on the central manager machine, there would be condor.sh file generated. 
I wonder if I copy condor.sh to condor_node1.sh condor_node2.sh ..., and change the environment variable in this script from
, then if I start Condor on each nodes, would Condor run successfully?

Or would there be some other options I missed? (I currently didn't consider security problem because only I use condor on this special cluster. )

I think condor very good because I used it for couple of months on my own servers and it didn't even give a error after thousands of submitted jobs. 

Thanks in advance.