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[Condor-users] Hello! Condor users.

Hello! Condor...
I am a beginner of condor.
I am trying to run R through condor.
I got a problem. I need specific package of R.
How can I install it through condor?
Here is my submit file.
universe = vanilla
requirements = OpSys == "WINNT60" && Arch == "INTEL" && HAS_R==TRUE && CCIT_LAB
should_transfer_files = YES
transfer_input_files = comBIC.R, caMassClass_1.6.zip, mvtnorm_0.9-7.zip
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
executable = batch.bat
arguments = BATCH comBIC.R
input = comBIC.R
Output = combic/out$(Process).txt
Log = combic/log$(Process).txt
Error = combic/err$(Process).txt
queue 2
And my batch file.
set path=c:\PROGRA~2\R\R-2.8.0\bin;%path%
Rcmd %*
Please help me.
Hwanhee Lee
Ph.D Student
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

Office: 864  656 4571
Mobile : 864 314 6875
e-mail: hwanhel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
web: http://www.math.clemson.edu/grad_students/hwanhel.htm