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Re: [Condor-users] How to do $REMOTE_ENV(...) for execute side environment resolution?


Dan Bradley wrote:
STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT - allows you to poke stuff into the job's environment from the configuration file on the execute node.

$$ - allows you to insert stuff into the environment/args of the job from the machine ClassAd.

To use $$, you would need the machine ClassAd to advertise attributes containing the values you want. Example configuration file:


And then when you submit the job:

environment = FOO=$$(FOO)

Thanks for those tips. I'm submitting jobs to remote sites via OSG, so I can't control machine classads or condor config.

I've just thought through the larger implication of this -- OSG is using Condor-G and the execute node may not be Condor at all, so it seems I really am stuck with yet another wrapper layer to sort out site- or execute-node-specific environment variables, paths, configuration, etc., unless someone has some great insight into the problem.


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