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[Condor-users] The information I get from "condor_q" are not consistent

Dear Condor Users,

I have a problem after I submit 10000 jobs to the personal condor
pool. I made the pool connected to a postgres DB with quill daemon.
However after about half of the jobs are completed, I used the
"condor_q" command, but got two different results as below.
1.5848 jobs, 5848 idle, 0 running
2.4644 jobs, 4636 idle, 8 running
I checked the database and found that actually 5356 jobs have been
completed. The second information is right. It seems that all work
well except the "condor_q" command. What's wrong? How it happened?

Xiang Ni
Sino-German Joint Software Institute
Computer Science&Engineer Deparment of Beihang University