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Re: [Condor-users] nice_user and start rank

You may want to set your CLAIM_WORKLIFE to a very small value.

if you have very small jobs (in terms of measured in seconds or minutes) then this may have a significant negative throughput on your pool.


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I'm having trouble getting nice_user to behave the way I want.  What  
I'd like is for nice_user jobs to run to completion, but for other  
jobs to jump ahead of them in the queue when an open slot becomes  
available.  I'm having trouble getting this behavior.

First I took the MY.NiceUser clause out of PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS.   
This prevented the jobs from being preempted.  But if I have a bunch  
of nice_user jobs queued and one ends, other jobs from the nice_user  
cluster continue to run, instead of allowing non-nice_user jobs to  
squeeze in.

I set "RANK = (100 - MY.NiceUser)", to try to give non-nice_user jobs  
a higher rank, but that didn't seem to help.

Can anyone suggest a way to get the behavior I want?


David Brodbeck
System Administrator, Linguistics
University of Washington

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